Owasco Watershed Lake Association

“Speak on behalf of the lake for she cannot speak for herself.” ~ Unknown

WE ARE OWLA (Owasco Watershed Lake Association!)

Owasco Lake provides the residents of Auburn, Cayuga County, and surrounding communities with drinking water, recreation, and wildlife habitat. For many, Owasco Lake is a place to commune with nature.

Protecting Owasco Lake is essential to the maintenance of our community character and the improvement of our economic future. The Owasco Watershed Lake Association recognizes this and has joined together to draw attention to the value and importance of Owasco Lake.


The Owasco Watershed Lake Association’s General Election for Board of Directors will take place during the General Membership Meeting on June 5, 2019, 7 pm at the Springside Inn.
All current members are invited to participate.

Slate of Candidates for Board of Directors
Term of Position 2019- 2022

Jim Beckwith  – Nancy Hart
Dana Hall  – Bill Phillips
Sam Giacona  – Kim Mills
Christina Brooks  – Linda Vitale

Special Mid-Term Election – Term of Position 2019-2020

Julie Lockhart – President

Sue Gatto –  Treasurer

The Watershed

Owasco Lake has a 208sq mile watershed. What happens in the ‘shed ends up in the lake!
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Learn About HABs

The frequency and intensity of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) are increasing.
Become informed!


Join OWLA, Donate, Volunteer!
Find out how you can help!

2019 HABs Symposium


Join us for a HABs Scientific Symposium in “Plain English”
Saturday, March 9
9:00am to Noon
Auburn Public Theater

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Events Calendar

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Don’t forget to join us on the 1st Wednesday of every month as we meet with the Board and Invited guest!

Tributary Sampling

OWLA sponsored formal project sampling the lower parts of streams and tributaries flowing into Owasco Lake.


From OWLA and Partners

OWLA presents important news and information from our area!

Robert N. Brower
Memorial Honorarium

In 2018 we lost our friend and advocate for the lake and the environment, Bob Brower. OWLA has established an Honorarium in Bob’s name to help fund projects that were dear to him.

Please consider contributing to the fund to honor Bob’s memory.

What can you do to HELP?

Protecting Owasco Lake is essential to the maintenance of our community character and the improvement of our economic future. We encourage everyone to help the Owasco Watershed Lake Association personally and/or financially. By this commitment you will help keep Owasco Lake clean and safe.