The 2021 Bob Brower Symposium

Sediment & Nutrient Reduction
Effects on Water Quality in Owasco Lake

A Scientific Symposium in “Plain English”

Saturday, March 6, 2021

OWLA proudly welcomed these Water Quality Thought Leaders:

This 2021 symposium focused on:

Sediment & Nutrient Reduction: Effects on Water Quality in Owasco Lake

 Rick Nelson 

“Introductions and Co-Sponsor Spotlight”

 Dr. John Halfman 

“Status of Owasco Lake – Status of Owasco Lake 2020”

Dr. Dana Hall

“If We Lose the Hemlocks, We Lose the Lake!”

Dr. Catherine McGlynn 

Aquatic Invasive Species and Owasco Lake: Present and Future

Laura Klaiber

“Water Quality Monitoring of Surface Runoff and Tile Drainage on Dairy Farms in the Lake Champlain Basin

Dr Todd Walter

“Owasco Lake’s Nine Element Plan Updates”

Remembering Bob Brower

Auburn Mayor Mike Quill officially changed the title of this event in 2019 to honor Bob, a former OWLA president and passionate advocate for the environment and the water quality in our region. The original symposium was Bob’s brainchild — a venue for citizen outreach and education to share and discuss the issues degrading our freshwater quality, most specifically that in Owasco Lake.

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