Who We Are

“You must give some time to your fellow man. Even if it’s a little thing, do something for which you get not pay but the privilege of doing it.”   Albert Schweitzer 

The Owasco Watershed Lake Association is a 501 C-3 not-for-profit corporation founded to educate the public on the environmental management, preservation, wise use, and appreciation of Owasco Lake and its watershed. We are a citizen-based association that promotes cooperation and leadership in the comprehensive management of land use, water quality, recreation, agriculture and a host of other issues as they pertain to Owasco Lake and its watershed.


We will restore Owasco Lake to a condition where we can enjoy healthy, quality water for drinking and recreational use; where Owasco Lake is once again recognized throughout NYS as an important treasure of the Finger Lakes region; and where we regain the legacy left to us so that we can give it to our children and our grandchildren and all the generations that follow.


We are the voice for Owasco Lake and the Watershed, and will actively engage in an ongoing process for coordinating, documenting, and tracking all of the strategies and activities that are designed to restore our watershed and improve water quality for both drinking and full recreational use of Owasco Lake and its watershed.


1. Engage everyone involved in deciding what works based on science;
2. Carry out effective strategies that restore the watershed waterways and lake areas; and
3. Improve and influence funding and policy decisions at the local, state, and national level to strengthen water quality management and obtain adequate funding support for needed activities;
4.Work in concert with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Nine Minimum Elements to Be Included in a Watershed Plan for Impaired Waters.


1. Flexible: We will carry out a wide range of small and large clean-up and restoration projects based on our capacity and resources that are designed to make a long-lasting improvement in the quality of Owasco Lake.
2. Data Driven: We will measure our progress on an ongoing basis. We will put our time, money and energy where it is best used to move us towards our defined goals. We will be flexible and change directions quickly when we have to.
3. Teamwork. We need everybody to volunteer to work together to carry out restoration activities. We will recruit volunteers of all ages to be members of teams to get the work activities done.
4. Science-based: We will find and use proven scientific, research-based projects to restore each of the sub-watershed areas of Owasco Lake, including the streams and creeks and wetland buffers of the watershed.
5. Enthusiasm and Optimism: We will expect and celebrate success and overcome all hurdles and remove all barriers in our way.

Board of Directors

OWLA Board Members spend numerous hours traveling and meeting with other state, regional and local stakeholder organizations to collaborate on a wide variety of Finger Lakes and Owasco Lake issues and solutions.  And we do more than talk and meet. We are volunteers ready, willing, and able to get our hands dirty and our feet wet.  We take on projects that benefit both the water and the watershed and seek the funding and resources required to implement them.

Executive Board Officers:
President: Ken Kudla
President Elect: Julie Lockhart
Past President: Jim Beckwith
Secretary: Ann Robson
Treasurer: Jeff Trescot

Board of Directors:
Rick Nelson
Dana Hall
Ken Post
Mike Didio
Sam Giacona
Nancy Hart
Gilda Brower
Suzanne Gatto

Committees and their Chairperson(s):
1. Steering Committee: Nancy Hart
2. 2015-2017 New York State Funding Committee: Dana Hall
3. 2018 New York State Funding Committee: Dana Hall
4. 2015-2016 Fox/Toyota Award Review Committee: Rick Nelson
5. Strategy and Messaging Committee: Ken Kudla
6. Ad Hoc Notification Committee: Peter Rogers
7. Ad Hoc Legal Action/Lobbying Committee: Brian Brundage
8. Citizen Science Committee: Julie Lockhart
9. Lake Level Committee: Jim Beckwith
10. Nominations Committee: Ann Robson
11. Lake Day/Events Committee: Rick Nelson
12. Budget Committe:e Jeff Trescot; Peter Rogers
13. Membership Committee: Linda Vitale; Rosemarie Romano
13a. Cove Captains Subcommittee: Linda Vitale
14. Corporate Campaign Committee: Linda Vitale; Jim Beckwith
15. Grant Development Committee: Kim Mills
16. Archivist/Historian: Rosemarie Romano

What can you do to HELP?

Protecting Owasco Lake is essential to the maintenance of our community character and the improvement of our economic future. We encourage everyone to help the Owasco Watershed Lake Association personally and/or financially. By this commitment you will help keep Owasco Lake clean and safe.