2017 Tributary Sampling Results

– During 2017, OWLA began a formal project of sampling the lower parts of streams and tributaries flowing into Owasco Lake

– 17 such inflows were sampled as many as eight times after significant rain runoff events

– The 2017 project set the stage for the 2018 sampling work which is searching up streams for the “hot spot” sources of the nutrients

– The following charts graphically compare the relative amount of Bioavailable Phosphorus (BAP) and the nitrogen compounds Ammonia and Nitrates that were measured in the sampled streams

– Phosphorus and nitrogen are essential to all life on Earth. Sources include soil, animal waste, and fertilizers. However, too much causes excessive plant and algae growth. Nutrient loading  from streams causing excessive nutrient concentrations in the lake is one of the primary factors that stimulate Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs).

What can you do to HELP?

Protecting Owasco Lake is essential to the maintenance of our community character and the improvement of our economic future. We encourage everyone to help the Owasco Watershed Lake Association personally and/or financially. By this commitment you will help keep Owasco Lake clean and safe.