A state Supreme Court judge ruled that the Department of Environmental Conservation’s clean water permits for livestock farms in New York did not meet federal regulations.   The public can submit any comments on these permits to the DEC in writing by Oct. 11.  It is important that each of us express our opinions regarding the lack of transparency and disclosure regarding how livestock farms are regulated.

There is much to learn about and comment about regarding these permits.

To review an early DEC DRAFT please click here.

To review a DEC Fact Sheet please click here.

It is important for each of us to review the above and send comments in writing.  Your comments should be mailed to Douglas Ashline, NYSDEC Division of Water at 325 Broadway, 4th floor, Albany, New York, 12233.

If you so desire you may reach Mr. Ashline for questions at (518) 402-8247 or cafoinfo@dec.ny.gov.