Good Morning Everyone,

The City of Auburn hasn’t sent out an update in a awhile but it has been so dry there has been nothing to update. The lake is about a foot below target elevation at this point. Unless we see a significant rainfall event of several inches throughout the watershed we expect the lake to continue to slowly drop. Normally October 15th is around the time we begin to draw down the lake. If things continue along this path the draw down date will likely be pushed back. We still intend to have the lake down to 710.00 by late December and we will see from there about possibly drawing it down further if winter weather allows. If we do get a significant rain event sometime in the next few weeks that brings the lake back up near 712.50 we will likely begin draw down around October 15th. We will update you with any changes between now and then.

John West
Chief Operator
City Of Auburn NY Water Filtration Plant